Miniature Circuit Breakers Ex9BP

DC miniature circuit breakers Ex9BP are designed for direct current, thanks to their polarity independency, especially for photovoltaic aplications where some failure can change the polarity of the voltage.

1 and 2-pole versions to 250 and 500 V DC are suitable for general DC applications and small PV systems, 3 and 4-pole breakers with rated voltage to 750 and 1000 V DC mainly for bigger photovoltaic applications. Devices are offered with rated current up to 63 A, rated breaking capacity 6kA (Ex9BP-N) or 10kA (Ex9BP-H), tripping characteristic C and K.

Breakers can be combined with wide range of accessories identical with circuit breakers Ex9B including auxiliary and signal contacts, shunt trip release and undervoltage release. All accessories are mounted to device from the left side.

  • Non-polarized, suitable for photovoltaic aplications
  • Tested according to IEC / EN 60947-2
  • Rated short circuit breaking capacity Icu 10 kA for Ex9BP-H, 6 kA for Ex9BP-N
  • Rated operating voltage Ue 250 V DC per pole
  • Width 1 up to 4 modules
  • Tripping characteristics C, K
  • Rated current up to 63 A
  • Wide range of accessories