Change-over switches Ex9BT

Installation switches and change-over switches Ex9BT are suitable for switching of auxiliary, control, measuring and other circuits. There are available variants with NO, NC or CO contacts and their combinations.

Basic versions with only NO contacts are equipped with toggle in green colour. Types with only NC contacts are delivered with red toggles. All other variants are designed with neutral black toggle.

Besides versions with switch function only, there are also variants where is combined switch and independent signal lamp in one devices.

  • Rated current 16 and 32 A
  • Rated operating voltage 230/400 V AC
  • With and without independent LED signal lamp
  • 1 up to 4-pole versions
  • Various contact combinations


Documents Technical parameters
Tested according to EN 60669-1
Rated op. voltage 230 / 400 V AC
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Rated current Ie 16, 32 A
Number of contacts 1, 2, 3, 4
LED voltage 12-48 V AC/DC 115-230 V AC/DC
LED power loss 290 mW
Rated insulation voltage Ui 690 V