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Noark Electric Europe Sponsorship

We show our support and encourage hard-working talents, passionate sports teams, and innovative projects through our various sponsorship programmes.

Noark Electric Europe is considered as a strong player in the field of development, production, and distribution of low-voltage electrical components. Our activities are directed in order to bring benefit not only to us but also to our customers and their businesses. We believe that when you work hard, are passionate about what you do and keep pushing the boundaries then no matter what, you will achieve the success - in our case the high-quality products and solutions that can bring our customers the new opportunity for growth. Yes, Noark feels good bringing people new opportunities, that's the main reason why we support and sponsor hard-working talents, passionate sports teams, and innovative projects.

Besides from the partnership with the Greek professional basketball team PAOK Thessaloniki, that has twice won the Greek Basket League, we are delighted to announce a sponsorship for Ondřej Bordovský, a professional glider, who has been competing in air sport called Gliding since 2007 and has achieved many notable achievements.

It wouldn't be surprising if you haven't heard of this sport before. Let's face it, it isn't so popular among the population. Today we will bring you a short description of it and introduce Ondřej to you.

What is Gliding?

To put it simply, Gliding is flying a plane without an engine. A glider has all the same components as a powered aircraft but uses cutting-edge aerodynamics and modern materials to create an airplane that is highly efficient, with a glide angle up to ten times that of a typical light powered aircraft. This enables gliders to glide great distances between climbs. Glider pilots use natural energy to gain height and then glide to the next source of lift – a bit like pedaling a bicycle up hill and then freewheeling down the other side. We can say it is an extremely green sport. Gliding promotes discipline, patience, technical ability and attention to detail – a superb set of skills for anybody.

We have contacted Ondřej Bordovský for a quick interview.

Hello Ondřej, could you please give us a brief introduction of yourself?

In short, I am Ing. Ondřej Bordovský. I was born in 1983 and I am a member of the Krnov aero club, where I have been flying the gliders since 1997. To date, I have flown almost 1900 hours and 80,000 km. I am the holder of the "Three-diamond Golden C" Badge. Earning this Badge shows that a glider pilot has achieved an altitude gain of 5,000 m, made a five-hour duration flight, and has flown cross-country for a straight-line distance of 750 km. I have been racing since 2006.

Tell us why did you choose this sport?

For me, the choice was clear, because historically my uncle and my dad, they both have flown the gliders too so from the beginning I already felt comfortable in this environment.

How long have you been gliding and what were your beginnings?

I went through the basic training in 1997 and 1998 and finished the training with pilot exams. After that, I spent some time just flying around the "chimney" after that I started to fly an airplane in 2003, since then I have flown about 400 hours. However, in 2006 I started the competitive flying and in 2016 I became a member of the Czech national team and in the same year, I participated in the World Championship in Australian Bengal. I have stayed in the national team to this day and this year I look forward to the World Championship in Polish Ostrowa.

What are the achievements you value the most?

The answer is not quite simple. The first achievement I value is that I have successfully flown cross-country for a distance of 750 km.

I would also mention the 3rd place in the Czech Republic Championship in the club class. Recently I really appreciate the prosperous collaboration with my teammate Radek Krejčiřík as well.


What does NOARK's sponsorship mean to you?

First of all, it is absolutely a prestige to have the NOARK brand name on the machine on which I fly with. Flying is a financially demanding sport, and I appreciate very much that NOARK has got the courage to go into something new and try to promote even a sport that is not so mass. However, it is a very interesting yet challenging sport. Also, NOARK's support helped me to participate in an international race in Prievidza, Slovakia.

What are your plans for this season? What are the top events we can look forward to?

The race in Slovakia is already behind us. I took the 7th place. With our teammate, we defeated the multiple World Championship winner. Next on the schedule is the Czech Championship and then the World Championship in the Ostrowa, Poland.

Thank you for your time and good luck in upcoming competitions!