We have launched new products Ex9B40J, Ex9HB, EX9P2FH and BBP


Slim MCBs Ex9B40J

Slim miniature circuit breakers Ex9B40J are devices suitable for domestic as well as commercial applicati-ons. The 3/4 module width - 13.5mm width per pole instead of 18mm of regular devices, makes this series the best option for space demanding installations. It has been preserved the internal structure of the regular Ex9B product family in the slim miniature circuit breakers, making the Ex9B40J full compatible with the accessories of the regular circuit breakers: shunt trip releases, undervoltage and overvoltage releases, auxiliary contacts and alarm contacts. It can be used up to three units of auxiliary or alarm contacts plus up to two release units.

DIN Rail Bell Ex9HB

Ex9HB DIN rail bell is suitable mainly for household applications as a door bell or can be used as alarm. This bell is intended to be installed in enclosure on DIN rail, which brings advantage of not distrub original design of your home. To cover whole building with ringing sound the sound level is minimally 75 dB.

Panel mounted control devices Ex9P1 & Ex9P2

Panel mounted control devices line Ex9P1 are used in various control desks, operator panels or machine control circuit parts as well as for control functions in power distribution boards. They are designed as com-pact devices combined from various modular parts - operating head, basement, contact and illumination units. These parts can be freely combined to realize different functions. For semi-transparent (illuminated) version there can be used LED unit with high brightness which ensures reliable indication of connected circuit, reduces power consumption and extends service life. The operating heads are designed in bright colours and streamline surface. They are available in many va-rious colours, shapes and types.

Busbars BBU&BBP

Busbars for simple and reliable interconnection of installation devices. Some versions are equipped with end caps. There are available separately packed end caps for all types of busbars.